FIFA Worldcup is undoubtedly the most anticipated and waited event of this year. As soon as 2018 began, everyone started to keep track of when the final of the FIFA Worldcup will be conducted. It is one of the most viewed sporting events in the world and according to an estimate, a shocking fact in this respect is that more people watch the FIFA world cup as compared to the number of people who watch the Olympics.


The FIFA world cup is held every four years. Every year a new country is given an opportunity to host the final rounds of the world cup. However, the qualifying rounds for the world cup are held during the gap of these three years that are between the next final rounds. The World Cup Scheduledepends on these qualifying rounds. The purpose of these qualifying rounds is to hold matches and face-off between the teams that wish to claim a spot in the final rounds of the world cup.


The total number of teams that are allowed to compete in the finals is only 32. Amongst these 32 teams, the 31 slots in the final are given a fair chance and teams have to play in the qualifying rounds. However, the remaining one slot is automatically given to the country which is hosting the final rounds of the tournament.


It is clearly evident from the fame and popularity of the game that not only a huge number of people watch the game with anticipation and excitement but along with this all the football teams in the world wish to play the tournament win it and claim to be the world champions of football. Therefore before organizing the World Cup Schedule, the officials group the teams. There are two types of groupings that are done:

  • Grouping of Qualifiers.
  • Grouping for Final Rounds.

The purpose of the grouping for qualifiers is to put the teams in groups and the teams in each group would face each other till the 31 slots are filled. The criteria for claiming the spot in the finals is the performance of the teams in the qualifying rounds. However, there are no such criteria that is kept in mind while grouping the teams. The mechanism of both the types of groupings is that a draw is held and the teams whose names come up in the draw are the ones that compete against one another.


The schedule of the world cup is announced well in time, before the actual beginning of the FIFA world cup final rounds. The World Cup Schedule not only includes the timings and the venue of the matches but also clearly states which two teams will be competing against each other. The schedule for the world cup as well as for the qualifying rounds is announced on the official website of the FIFA organization. An aspect that is kept in mind is the fact that the timings of the matches are shown according to the time zones of the location from which the person is searching the schedule.