Do you think you never have enough money in your pocket? With a little more, you would buy this game that tempts you. If you only earned more, you would buy those shoes you “need” “Sometimes, my friends invite me to outputs that come back expensive. I want to be with them, have fun. Nobody likes to say, ‘Sorry, I can not afford it. ‘”

And if, instead of regretting the money you do not have, you learn to manage budget online the one that passes in your hands? Of course, you could wait until you left your parents for that. But, see, would you parachute without having learned? You might be able to find out how to use it during your free fall. It would be better, however, to have assimilated the handling before throwing you into the void!

Similarly, the best time to learn how to manage your resources is as long as you are under the family roof before you run into the realities of life. “Money provides protection,”But it will protect you only if you learn to control your expenses – know-how which, moreover, will give you more insurance and will make you rise in the esteem of your parents.

Acquire the basics

Have you ever had your parents explain what family maintenance is? Do you know how much electricity, heating, water, electricity, car, food, or rent or credit repayment costs each month? Do not forget that you are contributing to these bills. If you leave the house, you will have to pay your own. So, have an idea of what awaits you. Ask to see bills, and listen to your parents describe how they are budgeting.

“A wise man will listen and gain in teaching, and an intelligent man is one who acquires the art of directing,” says a biblical proverb ( Proverbs 1: 5 ). Anna, who drew on her parents’ experience, relates: “My dad taught me how to budget online and showed me how important it is to be organized when managing a household’s finances. ”

His mother taught him other useful lessons. “She showed me the interest of comparing prices before buying,” says Anna. “Mom did wonders with small amounts,” she adds. What were the benefits? “Today, Anna rejoices, I know how to manage my finances. I monitor my expenses closely so that I have the freedom and peace of mind of those who do not go into debt unnecessarily. ”

Be aware of the difficulties

Control your expenses: easier to say than to do? That’s right, especially if you live with your parents while receiving pocket money or salary. Indeed, they are probably the ones who pay most bills. So you use a good part of your income to your imagination. And spending money can be fun.

But things may be spoiled if your friends and friends push you to pay more than reason. “Among my friends,” says Ellena, 21, shopping has become a major distraction. When you go out, it seems like the unspoken rule is: to have fun, you have to slam money. “