Memory foam mattresses are a variation in sleeping foams and mattresses. A small percentage of the composite materials of the memory foam is artificial and is made of chemicals. The major constituent of the lucid 4-inch folding mattress is ultra-polyurethane. This makes the mattress much denser and thicker. As a result of which its density and elasticity increase. Initially, it was known as luxury and was not known commonly.

However, as time passed, they gained much more recognition and their popularity increased to the extent that it became a necessity and almost all the households had at least one lucid 4-inch folding mattress.



The main and signature characteristics of these lucid memory foam mattresses are as follows:

  1. They are a lot thicker and denser as compared to the other mattresses.
  2. They are softer and much more elastic.
  3. The lucid 4-inch folding mattress adjusts to the shape of one’s body and makes sleeping comfortable.
  4. These dense memory foam mattresses are temperature sensitive and can maintain a comfortable temperature ensuring a deep and comfortable sleep.
  5. They come in a variety of sizes ranging from small to a queen.



The memory foam mattresses were actually designed in 1966. They were not intended to be made as a mattress. The researchers for NASA were working to come up with a better padding and cushion for the astronauts and guarantee their safety. Its initial names were:

  1. Slow Spring Back Foam
  2. Temper Foam

When this foam was released in the market for public use, there was a lot of reluctance and people did not give it a very positive response. The main reason for this attitude towards the foam from the public was also the price of the mattress which was very high. However, as people became familiar with their usage and characteristics, their response changed and today they are used widely all around the world.


Benefits of The Memory Foam Mattresses:

There are a lot of benefits of these memory foam mattresses. They are very important and a source of relaxation for people of all ages.

  • Pressure Point Relief:

This facility provided by the memory foam mattress is of utmost importance for the patients. Especially the patients who are admitted to the hospitals or have been prescribed a bed rest. The memory foam mattress has the ability to adjust to the shape of the person lying on it. This way the patients do not suffer from bed sores and lay down comfortably.

  • Spine Alignment:

The ordinary mattresses do not distribute the weight of a person uniformly. As a result of which the area of the mattress that supports the spine tends to deform. This increases the probability of spine misalignment and that may also damage the posture of a person. The memory foam distributes the weight evenly and rules out this chance.

The use of a memory foam mattress is very essential,they not only provide a guarantee for a good night’s sleep but also for the health and maintenance of one’s body.